Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is the Tide Turning?

When I started this blog, I knew of people whose pro-marriage, Pro-Prop 8 letters had been deep-sixed by major editorial boards. But now, here is one of the most encouraging things I have seen in this whole campaign.
Saturday, our very own San Diego Union Tribune published a whole series of letters supporting Douglas Manchester and criticizing the Retirement Board that had decided to move its conference out of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. This particular letter summarizes the issues well:
As a retired county employee, I was outraged at the action of the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association to move its October conference out of the downtown Hyatt because Doug Manchester contributed $125,000 to gather signatures to place Proposition 8 on the November ballot so the question of same-sex marriage could be put to a vote of the people. The sole purpose of this board is to oversee the management of the retirement funds for county employees, not become involved in local politics, even if one of the board members has an agenda.

I would like to see the Retired Employees of San Diego County (an association that represents retired county employees) poll its membership and see how many, if any, support this action by the retirement board. I suppose now that the board is going political, there will be forthcoming an endorsement for one of the presidential candidates. Hmmm.

Chula Vista

This is significant because:
1. A whole series of letters appeared, saying essentially the same thing. This suggests to me that a bunch of the retirees got together (could it have been their association?) and decided to push back.
2. Their push-back got results: the paper could not ignore all of them. Of course, I have no idea how many letters they actually sent.
3. People are getting sick of the bullying tactics of the gay lobby.
The moral of the story is: Don't give up!
Send more letters!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Calling all Marriage Advocate letter writers!

This blog is for advocates of man woman marriage in general and California's Proposition 8 in particular. Here in San Diego, we have had trouble getting the San Diego Union Tribune to publish pro-marriage letters to the editor. A friend from San Jose has told me that he has had the same problem with the San Jose Mercury News. This blog exists for 2 purposes:
1. To let frustrated letter-writers see their words in print, and
2. To embarrass some of the big city dailys into publishing at least a few of our letters!
Please send me letters you have sent to the editors of your local newspapers. We will publish your letters here, whether or not your local editor will! Do please let me know if your letter does get published. We can give credit where it is due, if a paper is kind enough to publish our ideas.
Send away!