Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prop. 8 Supporters Harassed

“They preach tolerance but give none”
Prop 8 campaigners run into more trouble, this time in Berkeley

News from the Trenches

(Editor’s Note: Last week, John Ritchie, who writes the Marriage Campaign Blog for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), was kind enough to allow California Catholic Daily to reprint an item about an assault in Santa Rosa on TFP members touring California to show support for Proposition 8. Today, another report from Mr. Ritchie, this time from Berkeley.)

Sept. 8, 2008 Sather Gate, University of California – Berkeley

He looked at the flier and froze like a statue for a few long seconds. "Are you sure you know where you are?" asked the student. "Yes, of course," I answered as I passed out more fliers defending traditional marriage near Sather Gate. But he insisted: "No. You don't understand... Do you really, really know where you are? This is Berkeley! You are at UC Berkeley! I can't believe it."

Many other students repeated the same line in utter disbelief: "Do you really know where you are right now?"

So there we were on the middle of campus with our tall TFP banner fluttering majestically in the wind, very visible to all. And just in case the banner was missed, you could hear the bagpipes echoing off the buildings loud and clear. Yes, we knew where we were and we did not intend to leave before finishing the task at hand, to promote the truth and sanctity of traditional marriage.

Californians call Berkeley "Berserkly." That is no understatement. I was informed that suicides occur on campus at least once a month and US Marine Corps recruiters run higher risks there than they would facing terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan. They deal with "Code Pink" protesters and hecklers on a daily basis.

Maybe that is why pro-family Californians' eyes would get big when we told them we planned to visit Berkeley. However, every single TFP volunteer embraced the challenge and looked forward to the campaign at this historically liberal bastion.

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Paula said...

It is truly amazing what some people engage in in the name of "tolerance". This was a great article.

Nunsuch said...

Respectfully sirs (and/or ma'ms), who would Jesus abolish from the marriage altar?

Not all the liberals live in Berkeley, and not all of them are intolerant. I don't like liberal fanatics any more than fanatics of any other kind... but:

I am a heterosexual woman in my 40's, who hopes to marry my long-term boyfriend soon. I cannot see how anyone else's desire to marry and spend a lifetime with another person infringes my own happiness & rights.

I do not intend to have children, so how can I base the right to marry on anyone else's inability to have children?

Solomon had many wives, and God did not object but made him prosper, so how can I state that He meant for marriage to be between "one man and one woman"? And what then of devout Mormons? They are Christian too.

Our Constitution guarantees the right to pursue happiness. Isn't the sacred institution of marriage and family the basis of so much of our personal happiness?

Think about it - how would, right this moment, a gay person marrying affect you? Are you going to pay more taxes? No. Are they going to steal your sweetheart? No. Are they going to "convert" your child? Actually, no - your child would have another example that, no matter who people are and what kind of people they like, it's a natural human desire to live in a faithful, committed life-long relationship. Preventing gay people from marrying will not make them go away. It will just keep it easier for us to point our fingers at them as "sinners". I don't need that kind of prop for my own beliefs. Do you?